• Rahul Sharma – University of Rochester (Simon) with 40% Scholarship
  • Ayush Gupta – University of Arizona Eller with 100% scholarship
  • Upsana Gupta – UIUC with 75% scholarship
  • Shrey Shekhar – SMU (COX) with 100% scholarship
  • Swati Kirti – University of Arizona (Eller) 100% scholarship
  • Ankita Mahajan – Babson College with $10,000 scholarship)
  • Puneet Satija – University of Maryland (Robert.H.Smith) with 50% scholarship
  • Somari Raturi – York Schulich with 40% scholarship
  • Deepanshu Sharma – Tulane University 40% scholarship
  • Ritika Dogra University of Pittsburg (Katz) 75% Scholarship
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We at EdElevate believe that every student deserves a chance to fulfill their dream of attaining an excellent education abroad. Often students are not aware that there are a variety of ways to get into a top university. For those students who have not been able to write the competitive exams like GRE/GMAT or are looking for options with flexible test scores we have the perfect solution for you.

There are a number of universities who evaluate your candidature simply by focusing on aspects like your undergraduate and high school marks, extra-curricular activities, work-experience and statement of purpose. Our experts undertake a close profile analysis for you to help you choose a university which best fits your credentials.

Since we are in close contact with these universities, we can provide special assistance in choosing the universities which provide a variety of UG, MS, PHD or MBA courses and have relatively low tuition fees.

These options are available in the following countries:

Study in UK|Edelevate


UK is traditionally a popular destination and offers a variety of courses at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Generally a typical UK Bachelors degree is completed in three years for courses like Arts, Business, Management, Economics, while Engineering and some science degrees might take 4-5 years. Most Masters Courses can be completed in 1 year’s time and MBA courses take up to 18 months. As compared to many other destinations, the cost of education is UK is relatively cheaper. UK degrees are recognized internationally and the quality of education is top-notch.

Our students have got into the following Universities: University of Leeds, University of Leicester, Coventry University, Newcastle University, Durham University, University of Chester, University of Glasgow, University of Bradford, University of Essex and many more.


Canadian universities are known for their highly ranked and reputed programs and offer degrees that are accepted internationally. Canadian universities usually have very high standards of entry and admission to these universities can be competitive. Canada is considered as one of the best places to live in by United Nations and is a politically stable and a safe country. Canada is a bilingual nation with the majority of the population speaking French or English. Students have an option of working for 3 years post their degree which is one of the major highlights of this destination for higher studies.

Our students have got into the following Universities: Windsor University, Humber College, Brock University, Fraser International College, Northern Lights College, Langara College, Georgian College and many more.


USA remains the most popular choice among students for pursuing an education abroad due to the high standards of education, research facilities, world-class infrastructure and excellent faculty. Many of the top Universities in the world are the ones which find their roots in USA. A salient feature of the US education system is that it allows a student to choose from a variety of courses and subject combinations and students can also migrate from one university to another. All students who are holders of F-1 visa can work for one year after the completion of their course. This is also commonly known as Optional Training Period (OTP).

Our students have got into the following Universities: Johnson and Whales University, Pace University, New York Institute of Technology, Long Island University, University of New Haven, Findley University and many more.


Australian Universities are best known for their multicultural environment and high quality of education. Compared to most other destinations, Australia offers relatively affordable study options. Australian courses are offered for shorter durations and the courses are intensive which prepare you well for the job market. Students who complete a formal Bachelor’s degree are eligible for a 2 year Post study Work Right (PSW), those who have completed master’s degree are eligible for a 3 year PSW and PHD students can get 4 years PSW.

Our students have got into the following Universities: Deakin University Australia, Melbourne Institute of Technology, James Cook University, RMIT, Raffles College of Design and Commerce and many more.


Singapore is considered the hub of education in Asia providing students with a safe and a multicultural environment. Singapore is known to be the hub for some of the premier institutions of the world. Singapore is the perfect destination if you are looking for that perfect blend of culture, world cuisines, art and architecture. With high quality of teaching and excellent research facilities, Singapore is a viable option for students. Singapore is affordable both in terms of cost of living and tuition fees as compared to other developed countries.

Our students have got into the following Universities:James Cook University, Kaplan Higher Education Academy, SHRM College, Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).


Newzealand is one of the most beautiful places to study in and has emerged as one of the popular choices for students for higher education in recent times. Newzealand offers innovative curriculums for study in their degrees and has a progressive education system. The best part about studying in Newzealand is that it provides state of art facilities while at the same time the cost of education is almost half of that in other countries. The degrees granted by the institutions are recognized internationally and students are also granted a visa to search for job after the completion of their studies.

Our students have got into the following Universities:ICL Business School, International College of Auckland, University of Otago, Wellington Institute of Technology, University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington