• Rahul Sharma – University of Rochester (Simon) with 40% Scholarship
  • Ayush Gupta – University of Arizona Eller with 100% scholarship
  • Upsana Gupta – UIUC with 75% scholarship
  • Shrey Shekhar – SMU (COX) with 100% scholarship
  • Rohit kohli – University of Arizona with 75% scholarship
  • Rikesh – IE Spain with (with 10,000 euro scholarship)
  • Mahos Markos – Washington University (Olin) with 50% scholarship
  • Nitesh Sharma – Babson University (Olin) with $ 10000 scholarship
  • Sweta Mall Indiana University (Kelley) with 50 % scholarship
  • Krishna A Chowdhary – University of Georgia with 100% scholarship
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uk-visaLondon: The UK has launched a pilot visa scheme for international students, including from India, applying for a Masters degree course in select high-profile universities,  that would allow them to stay in the country for six months more after completing their course.

The Tier 4 Visa Pilot Scheme, launched by the UK Home Office this week, is open to students from around the world who win a place at one-year Masters courses at Imperial College London, Oxford, Cambridge or Bath universities.

It gives them access to a streamlined visa application, managed by their respective university and the opportunity to stay in the UK for six months after their studies to work, explore further study, try a start-up or travel.

“This pilot scheme is an encouraging step forward. The ability to stay on for six months will bring benefits to the students and to the country as our talented graduates will be able to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas, further study or add to the UK’s talent pool,” said Professor Alice Gast, Imperial College London’s president.

The scheme will cover visa applications decided on or after July 25 this year and is open to students commencing their studies in 2016-17 or 2017-18.

Only students applying for a visa for Masters courses of 13 months or less are eligible for this scheme.

Undergraduate and PhD students, as well as students in Masters courses longer than 13 months, will continue to be required to submit all necessary supporting documents with their visa application.

The pilot scheme is expected to run for two years, when it would either be made permanent or modified based on its success.

Source : http://www.deccanchronicle.com