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Ever since she was in High School, she heard about the capital’s most prestigious school for higher studies, ‘University of Delhi’. She started nursing high aspirations about going to this dream University. Before taking up admission here, she went for a few campus visits that left her completely disheartened. She was not satisfied with the infrastructural facilities provided by them. There was a lack of research facilities and exposure opportunities required to enrich knowledge as told by the students studying there.

This was the time that she started looking for alternatives and the United States of America, being the world’s leading destinations for international students, drew her attention. Sneha then came to Edelevate where she was guided about the quality of education, extensive learning opportunities and practical application-based approach adopted by US Universities.

She prepared for her SAT and TOEFL and we were effectively able to shortlist Universities best suited for her. Sneha got into almost all the Universities that were selected for her requirements. She even managed to bag a scholarship at University of Cincinnati. She got into Universities like Purdue University, Ohio State University, Indiana Bloomington etc.