• Rahul Sharma – University of Rochester (Simon) with 40% Scholarship
  • Ayush Gupta – University of Arizona Eller with 100% scholarship
  • Upsana Gupta – UIUC with 75% scholarship
  • Shrey Shekhar – SMU (COX) with 100% scholarship
  • Swati Kirti – University of Arizona (Eller) 100% scholarship
  • Ankita Mahajan – Babson College with $10,000 scholarship)
  • Puneet Satija – University of Maryland (Robert.H.Smith) with 50% scholarship
  • Somari Raturi – York Schulich with 40% scholarship
  • Deepanshu Sharma – Tulane University 40% scholarship
  • Ritika Dogra University of Pittsburg (Katz) 75% Scholarship
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Why study in Singapore?

study in singapore Singapore is a modern, vibrant nation with an excellent educational system, providing numerous opportunities for internationals who wish to study abroad. Singapore is a modern city state with excellent opportunities for education and work. Many global reports show that Singapore is one of the world’s leaders in innovation and research, which in turn makes its institutions of higher education attractive locations for all prospective international students. Therefore, Singapore is emerging as a popular destination to study among the international students. With the international student mobility ballooning by the day, students are increasingly taking the off-beat track to explore fresh destinations that promise not just an education but a new and wholesome experience. The city- state of Singapore offers just that. Apart from this, with its highly affordable education and top-notch courses in computer science, law and animation, Singapore is an excellent study destination for Indian students.

Singapore offers too many reasons for international students to choose Singapore as a study destination

Hub of Quality Institutions and Education Excellence

Singapore is the land of the best schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes. While Singapore is definitely one of the leading study destinations of Asia, it has also made its mark in the international arena with a slew of high ranked universities. Its two most popular universities- National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) – rank among the top 50 universities in the World. What puts Singaporean Universities ahead of many institutes is their collaboration with many associations and Universities across the world, thus making them truly international universities.

The universities basically provide undergraduate and post-graduate courses as well as research programmes. Therefore, many overseas students are looking forward to Singapore as a destination for pursuing higher studies.

Tuition and Living Cost in Singapore

The cost of studying in Singapore, whilst not as affordable as other Asian destinations, is still reasonable compared to universities in the big three destinations (UK, USA and Australia). This is one of the factors that make Singapore an attractive destination for international students seeking a quality education.

Tuition Fees
  • Undergraduate Bachelor Degree – 10000 SGD$ to 15000 SGD$ p.a.
  • Postgraduate Masters Degree – 20000 SGD$ to 30000 SGD$ p.a.

Although the tuition fees depends on the course and institution. Arts courses tend to be less expensive than Science courses.

Living Expenses
  • 750 SGD$ to 2000 SGD$ a month
This amount varies depending on your individual lifestyle and course of study.


Funds galore

As per the Ministry of Education, Singapore majority of the international students receive some kind of grant. Here are few of the ways through which a student can manage funds in Singapore:

  • Scholarships: Given the cost of education, many universities in Singapore offer a wide range for scholarships for international and talented students.
  • Tuition Grant: All students, be it domestic or international, are eligible to apply for tuition grants with the Singaporean Ministry of Education. However, you can only apply for a tuition grant after having been offered a place on a course. Tuition grants cover most of the costs of the tuition fees. In return for the grant students are required to sign a bond under which they have to stay back and work in the country for at least 3 years.


Global Hub

Singapore is a well- known financial centre and all major companies of the world have created their base in Singapore. It is now being considered as a global business hub with the increasing number of MNC having their offices in Singapore. Singapore offers limitless career and networking possibilities to global citizens keen to apply their talents to the opportunities that can be found there.

Working during study in Singapore

If you are a full-time international student pursuing a degree at a Singaporean university, you are permitted to work part-time for not more than 16 hours a week during the school year and full time during vacation. However, you are eligible to these work rights only if you are enrolled in any of the institutions approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Homely Living

Singapore is a multicultural nation with an excellent opportunities, both professionally and socially. It is a vibrant city-state providing wide-range of opportunities for international students who are looking to experience a true cosmopolitan lifestyle. Singapore is a truly cosmopolitan nation full of various vibrant cultural influences. Its multicultural Chinese, Malaysian and Indian population makes Singapore very unique and exciting. Singapore government provides a very safe education environment to its international students. Crime rates are low and strict action is taken against offenders. English is the official language of instruction in Singapore, so all international students who wish to study abroad in Singapore can expect courses taught in English. In fact, Singapore is regarded as the easiest city to adjust in Asia, specifically for international students.

Top and Popular Universities in Singapore are:

  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Nanyang Institute of Management
  • Raffles Design Institute
  • Singapore Management University
  • Amity Global Business School- Singapore
  • East Asia Institute of Management
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • SP Jain School of Global Management
  • Tourism Management Institute of Singapore