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UG in USAUSA Universities typically offer a 4-year degree in a variety of subjects and students have a number of options to choose from. The four years at the university are known by different names: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. The US education system is based on the concept of ‘Liberal Arts’, which allows students to study subjects from a variety of disciplines to build a strong foundation. This means that even if a student has opted for an Engineering major, the schools give students a lot of choices to choose electives from other areas of studies like business, arts, etc. During your first year i.e. the freshman year all students study general education courses includes in English composition, social sciences, humanities, history, mathematics and natural or physical sciences. Once they complete these core curriculum courses, the Universities ask students to choose a subject specific to their interests known as the major. The chosen major should be in the area that you want to make a career in the future.

How Top Universities in USA select students:

Universities in the USA see if a student ‘FITS’ the University they are applying to. Now how do they determine this Fit? The answer has two parts. First, is the student academically fit, second: Does the student’s personality matches with the personality of the University. For determining the academic fit, Universities look at student’s academics in high school, SAT scores and predicted grades. For seeing the personality fit, the Universities often look at the candidate’s essay, Letters of Recommendations, community service and activity list. The Universities that are more selective or have a smaller class size already has applicants with excellent academic credentials, hence such Universities look at the ‘personality aspect’ of the student. The Universities that are less selective and have higher acceptance rates are more relaxed in their approach and select students who meet the academic entry requirements.

How to Get into a Top University in USA :

You must have often heard how it’s impossible or really difficult to get into a Top University in USA. This is a myth. You just have to prepare for it and start planning well in advance. If you think that starting the applications simply a month before the deadline can get you in, this will not happen. You usually need to start applying months in advance and work on every aspect of your application.

We at EdElevate often describe the process as a ‘Marathon’ and not a ‘Sprint’ and we prepare you at each step to make it to the finish line as a winner.

This is how EdElevate will help you:

  • Profile building right from class 11th
  • Conduct a Psychometric test to help you choose the right major.
  • Analysis of your academic profile and SAT score.
  • University selection and fitment.
  • Essay brain storming and writing
  • Activity Sheet preparation
  • Community service planning
  • Social Media Profile handling
  • Preparation of academic LOR’S
  • Application and documentation

Top Universities in USA for Undergraduate Studies

  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • Boston University
  • NYU
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • UCLA
  • UC Berkley
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Columbia University
  • Purdue University
  • Indiana University
  • Emory University
  • University of Southern California