• Rahul Sharma – University of Rochester (Simon) with 40% Scholarship
  • Ayush Gupta – University of Arizona Eller with 100% scholarship
  • Upsana Gupta – UIUC with 75% scholarship
  • Shrey Shekhar – SMU (COX) with 100% scholarship
  • Swati Bansal – Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) with 50% Scholarship
  • Shalabh Garg – SMU (COX) with $50000 scholarship
  • Rohit kohli – University of Arizona with 75% scholarship
  • Rikesh – IE Spain with (with 10,000 euro scholarship)
  • Mahos Markos – Washington University (Olin) with 50% scholarship
  • Nitesh Sharma – Babson University (Olin) with $ 10000 scholarship
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 Whenever someone thinks of crossing the seas and the skies in pursuit of their dream career, there is a volley of questions that flash in their minds. It takes a brave and a resolute mind to go out there and conquer the world.As undergraduate admission consultants, EdElevate endeavours to help you achieve that. There is no ideal time to decide which path you wish to take. As Mahatma Gandhi said “The Future depends on what you do today.”

Education at the undergraduate level plays a vital role in a person’s life as it is the foundation on which you build your future .You can’t construct a great building on a weak foundation. Our panel of expert undergraduate admission consultants in Delhi at EdElevate believes that each student has his own potential which needs to be explored and channelized in the appropriate direction.“The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” stated Eleanor Roosevelt.

We work step by step in Profile Building and Assessment, University shortlisting, Interview Preparation and Scholarship Assistance. Our goal is to guide and teach you to think, not what to think. The purpose of these standardized tests is to predict an individual’s ability to succeed in an intellectual or physical endeavour by, evaluating mathematical ability, language proficiency, abstract reasoning, motor coordination, or musical talent.Once your admission is confirmed at a university, obtaining visa is another very crucial aspect when it comes to overseas education. At EdElevate, we ensure that no documentation or requirement becomes daunting and therefore we provide full assistance in visa application process. This process can be overwhelming but with our systematic and strategized approach, you need not fret anymore!

With some of the world renowned and acclaimed colleges in our kitty, EdElevate boasts of an impressive line-up where our students have managed to shine. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Boston University, Penn State,  Georgia Tech, New York University (NYU), Kellogg School of Management, Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Maryland, University of Toronto, University of Warwick and Purdue University are just a few examples of our glorious placement record.As the best undergraduate admissions consultants in Delhi, EdElevate has a success rate of over 3000 admission in USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and other desired locations.  We motivate students to push their limits and venture beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve spectacular results.  It’s very important to understand that perseverance is the foundation of all actions and succeeding is the coming together of good preparation along with luck.

As undergraduate abroad admission consultants, EdElevate is certain that undergraduate level of education has the power to transform your life and future. “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled,” said Plutarch.  So come to EdElevate, where our competent undergraduate admission consultants await you to take a leap into a bright future.


Profile Building and Assessment


First things first, we at EdElevate will decode your profile, personality, strengths, weaknesses and a whole lot of things that make YOU unique. Based on your goals and aspirations, we will guide you through the admission process, shortlist your universities, suggest academic and community areas that you need to improve on and set a strong foundation for you.

Take Psychometric Test for Profile Assessment

University Shortlisting


Post a thorough assessment based on your test scores, academic goals and personal preferences including location, budget, opportunities etc. we will give you a list of universities where you can realize your full potential and provide the “perfect” fitment.

College Application and Documentation Assistance


It’s a full time job being a student and preparing for various tests, you or your parents need not bother about college application processes, tracking of deadlines and documentation to be submitted. You do your job well and let us handle ours. Your dreams are our business now.

Essays and More


Essays reach the admission committee way before you do. They are important pieces that narrate your life story, your aspirations and your values. A compelling essay tells the University why they should choose you over thousands of other applicants. Make sure your story is worth their while. At EdElevate we will brainstorm with you and our expert editors and writers will help you create impactful essays.

Activities Sheet and Community Activities


We will provide you complete support in formulating the ‘activities sheet’ if it is a pre-requisite by the university you are applying to.

Interview Preparation


Guiding and training you what to expect and what the panel may ask you. We prepare you to expect the unexpected and deal with it positively. Interview simulation sessions can be done on request.

Scholarship Assistance


Scholarship is possible through various routes. Besides academic excellence, scholarships are offered on various considerations and a compelling case put forward succinctly through essays can surely win one. We at EdElevate will assist you through this maze and ease the process for you. Most scholarships are granted on the application essays, we will make sure they are powerful.

Visa and Post Application Guidance


Once the application process is over and you have received your “Admit” letter, there is still a long way to go before you board the plane. We will help you with all the pending and pre-departure documents and visa process.

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