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UG Admissions

You are right now at the most crucial juncture of your life. The decisions you make today will define your happiness in the years to come. So, make no comprises now. Right from profile building to visa counseling let Edelevate hold your hand to help you soar high. With our experience and expertise we would love to help you and see you shine. Read more to know us better!

MS / PHD Admissions

Right guidance at the right time is vital for success. This is what we at Edelevate confidently claim to offer you with respect to your MS and PHD admissions. Be it major selection, university selection, writing impressive statement of purposes/essays or acing the admissions & visa interview, we are here to help you with the most useful advice and support at the right time. Click here to know the benefits!

MBA Admissions

Thinking of pursuing an MBA degree? We at EdElevate help you to select the right universities, write-powerful essays, crack the admissions interview and overcome the visa and pre-departure hassles. With student admissions from Ivy Leagues and top universities world over, we are confident of providing you the best aid in your MBA education pursuits. Think no further. Read more to know us better!

Career Counseling and Psychometrics

Choosing the right subjects and career is the first step towards a successful future. We are talking about a career path that you want to choose, something you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life. So, whether you are confused about your major & course in UG/MS or planning a career switch, take our scientific tests today to make the most informed decision. Read more to explore the possibilities!

About Us

Edelevate is a one stop education consultancy company in Delhi. We offer personalised admission consulting, training and online psychometric tests for the ones seeking admission abroad, especially in countries such as United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, and France. “Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself.”

We have some of the best education counselors in Delhi as our panelists. Our team works closely with the students and helps them make a smooth transition in to their dream world. We live in a time of cut throat competition where choosing a career path can be overwhelming. Thus it becomes important to have guidance and counseling. .

As one of the top overseas education consultants in Delhi, Edelevate is the apt platform for the ones looking for admissions in Undergraduate (UG), Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Master’s of Science (degree), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and more. We conduct a wide range of in depth Psychometric tests which helps students discover their own potential and area of interest. When their goals and ideas are clear and unambiguous, making decisions becomes easier. Edelevate understands that without caring there can be no quality. So we endeavor to provide our students with superior quality of information, guidance the required impetus. Our students have gained admission in some of the esteemed universities such as Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California at Berkeley (UCLA), Undergraduate (UG), Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master’s of Science (degree) and more. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” believed Nelson Mandela. So wait no longer and come to Edelevate for fulfilling your dream of studying abroad and accomplishing your goals in life. .


We have rich experience and a successful track record in placing students in diverse streams- bio-medical, health, psychology, actuarial sciences, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, education leadership and the list goes on.

  • Value-Based Consulting

    Following the belief, ‘No two profiles are totally alike’, we remain focused on individualistic counselling. Our counselling isbased solely on research and experience. Thankfully, we don’t have a script to follow,and this makes it easier for us to find the perfect fitment for you. We are proud to be honest than misleading. If we feel your profile does not match with a certain university or that you can aim higher or that you need a Psychometric analysis to dig deeper, we will say so. Be prepared for an honest evaluation.

  • Personalised Attention

    We all prefer a small class size because of the attention it bestows us with. We believe in the same principle. Every student has a right to undivided attention and this is what we strive to achieve. It surely becomes a daunting task at times, but we do have several happy faces to support our claim.

  • Rich Experience

    Over 15 years of experience and a successful track record in enabling diverse students reach their desired universities abroad for pursuing MBA/MS and undergraduate programs.

  • ITP Reinvented

    ITP Reinvented ITP Study Abroad is now Edelevate. Established and Growing since over two decades at Edelevate our firm belief is that one never stops learning and in a dynamic environment the only way to remain at the top of one’s game is to reinvent and relearn.

  • EdElevate Assurance

    The measure of our success is the success of our students. We are proud to say that till date whosoever has followed our advice on admission counselling diligently has not been disappointed at the end of the day. Almost every studenthas landed up with multiple admits from premier universities of the world. Many of our students belong to Ivy League and other prestigious MBA Schools, either pursuing under graduate programs or proving their mettle in MS and Ph.D. courses across US, UK and Australia.

  • Experience in Diverse Streams

    We have rich experience and a successful track record in placing students in diverse streams- bio-medical, health, psychology, actuarial sciences, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, education leadership and the list goes on.

  • Dedicated Team

    Of professionals in the industry with strong experience in education and counselling. On panel we have experienced Counsellors, Writers and Psychologists.

  • Essays and More

    Our writers and subject matter experts have wide experience in writing compelling admission essays and are ace providers of succinct content. They ensure that the written word not only reflects your academic strengths they also demonstrate your Emotional Quotient which is what in most cases becomes the differentiator.

Meet the Team

Umesh Bhatia
Founder and Senior Mentor
Sakshi Mittal
Mentor and Psychometrics Specialist
Shimonti Paul
Senior Writer and Editor
Anubha Bellani
Senior Writer and Editor
Anjali Rai
University Applications Specialist

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Providing comprehensive admission counseling and documentation support to students aspiring to study in elite schools in India and abroad. Our students have gained admission in Top Schools including Harvard, MIT, ISB, INSEAD, NUS and Oxford among others. To join this list, contact us to know how we can make qualitative difference to your application.

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