• Rahul Sharma – University of Rochester (Simon) with 40% Scholarship
  • Ayush Gupta – University of Arizona Eller with 100% scholarship
  • Upsana Gupta – UIUC with 75% scholarship
  • Shrey Shekhar – SMU (COX) with 100% scholarship
  • Rikesh – IE Spain with (with 10,000 euro scholarship)
  • Mahos Markos – Washington University (Olin) with 50% scholarship
  • Nitesh Sharma – Babson University (Olin) with $ 10000 scholarship
  • Sweta Mall Indiana University (Kelley) with 50 % scholarship
  • Krishna A Chowdhary – University of Georgia with 100% scholarship
  • Abhinav Gaur – Notre Dame (Mendoza) with 50% Scholarship
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MS in USAThere is an old saying that future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. If you nurture the goal of pursuing MS in USA, you should pursue it whole heartedly. Every dream begins with a dreamer who has the passion and strength within himself to change his world. It is about pushing your limits and venturing beyond your comfort zone. You will never know what you are capable of unless you take that first step and go for MS in USA.

Keep in mind, coming up with an idea is easier than implementing it. With a team of highly skilled and professional MS abroad consultants in the Delhi NCR, EdElevate takes care of the technicalities involved in applying for a MS program in USA. Our accomplished and competent overseas education consultants organize personalized sessions with the applicants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s personality, intelligence quotient, aspirations and life goals.

MS in USA is a very feasible choice for a career oriented person who wishes to specialize and gain new knowledge with in a field. The Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is gaining massive popularity amongst students who aspire to apply for MS program in USA universities. These programs are job friendly and innovative.

A major Masters Degree of Science in United States (MS in USA) eligibility criterion is the recognition of 15 years of education. This works as a boon for admission in the desired MS programs in USA for Indian students since many good USA universities are now accepting the 3 year bachelors programs of Delhi University. A typical MS program in US universities is about two years long. The old adage “time is money” is best fit for this scenario.


Like everything else in life, this too comes with a price. Since the MS in USA costs are quite high, scholarships for MS in USA granted by some the top universities acts as a major sigh of relief. Following are some of the many scholarships awarded for MS in USA for Indian students:
  • Full bright – Nehru Fellowships for Indian students to study in USA is provided by United States –India Educational Foundation(USIEF), which is determined to promote and exchange mutual knowledge between India and USA.
  • Rotary foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship Program was initiated to promote international understanding and friendly relations among people of different parts of the world.
  • The Robert S McNamara Fellowship Program is awarded to the candidates aspiring to perform research work in US and are working on their doctoral thesis.

Pursuing MS in USA universities also opens the window for changing careers. In case a person has been in the work force and feels their career path or under graduate degree has not lead them in a particular direction, they choose a new direction. MS in US allows them to gain new knowledge and skills. It is a great avenue when one is looking to changing fields or gaining a promotion , higher salaries etc.

STEM accredited Masters Programs in USA

The Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs are gaining popularity among students who are planning to pursue education at American colleges and universities. Recently there has been a significant rise in demand of people equipped with these degrees as there is a gap in demand and supply. More and more companies are providing job opportunities in these realms while there is a dearth of skilled manpower in the area.

The STEM programs are innovative and job-friendly. Not only that, they also allow students to benefit from an additional 24 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT) along with the 12 months of OPT which is normally available after completion of the program of study.

The 24 months of additional OPT enables the students to remain in the country and explore the possibilities for 3 years! This long duration bestows the students with maximum opportunities of converting their F1 student visa to H-1B work visa. So, the possibilities are limitless!

Popular STEM programs: MIS, MS Business Anlaytics, MS Computer Science, Engineering Programs, Biomedical Sciences, Marketing Analytics, Actuarial Sciences etc.

Applying for Master’s Degree to US Universities with 3 years of Bachelor’s Degree

Yes that’s possible. Contrary to the popular belief that only if one has 16 years of education can he apply for a Master’s program in US, there are actually many good universities in US which say YES to 15 years of education for their graduate programs.With Delhi University being the no. 1 University in India along with other good Universities that provide three years of Bachelor’s programs, US Universities are now giving them due recognition. They understand that many of these three year’s Bachelor’s programs are equivalent to the US 4 year degrees.

Universities like Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University etc. have readily been accepting students with 3 years bachelor’s degrees.

Admission Process for MS in USA

Admission Process for MS in USA is a long and multi layered process and requires preparation and research .If one needs to apply to the best MS program in USA they need to look at the following components:

  • Apply by the deadline.
  • Short listing the desired schools
  • MS Finance
  • Preparing required documents for the application( SOP,LOR,RESUME etc).

Some of the most popular MS program in USA are as follows:

  • MS in Management
  • MS Finance
  • MIS
  • MS Business Analytics
  • MS Computer Science
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • MS Civil Engineering
  • MS Technology Management
  • MS Software Engineering

They say many of the problems in life are because of two reasons, we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting. In today’s competitive world the only thing that is more expensive than education is ignorance. So don’t be oblivious to the innumerable benefits of MS in US .Come to Edelevate because we know a dream we weave together will surely become a reality.

USA is an ever growing market and they require skilled man power, there is an array of options for jobs after MS in USA . a Master’s degree can significantly improve your career prospects in the corporate world, as your enhanced qualifications will probably earn you a promotion or get you into a higher pay grade.